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Are your crystals genuine?

Absolutely. We only source genuine crystals that are mined straight from the earth—no laboratory-grown substitutes here. The only crystals that have been modified in some way will be aura crystals. Aura crystals are natural stones that undergo an artificial process of bonding the outside of the crystal with a precious metal such as gold or titanium. This process gives the crystal a distinctive colourful sheen. These crystals are always clearly described. Nothing bugs us more than misleading item descriptions. 

But how do you know they are genuine? 

There is a combined experience of over 40 years in dealing with and identifying crystals and gems between all of us. We have all studied with various gemmological schools, and we have quite a few thousand dollars of gemmological testing equipment in our workshop.

If it is genuine, how can it be priced so reasonably? 

Make no mistake, a lower price than what you are used to seeing does not mean an inferior product. Over the years, we have been lucky enough in the jewellery and gemstone industry to cultivate some great relationships with suppliers, cutters, and miners. We cut out two or three middlemen in the process of sourcing our stones, so those savings naturally get passed on to you. This is similar to our jewellery. Because we are making everything ourselves, you aren't paying those middlemen, including a factory, an importer or distributor, or an Australian wholesaler. It comes straight from our workshop and goes directly to you. 

What does ethically sourced mean, and how can you be sure? 

This is a great question, and it will have a reasonably detailed answer, so buckle up! "Ethically Sourced" has quickly become a buzzword within the crystal world. Every Tom, Dick & Harry claims their stones are ethically sourced, consciously curated, etc. Unfortunately, it is really easy just to throw it out there..." oh, yeah, everything is ethically sourced," but very few people can actually explain it any further than that. Knowing that your crystals are ethically sourced means that you need to know where they have come from. The people who mined them are being fairly treated and are not forced to work in unsafe environments using dangerous mining practices. This is where our relationships with our gem merchants come in handy. We also partner with Gem Legacy, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of East African Gem Mines workers and their families. You can find out more information on our partnership with Gem Legacy here.

Nice packaging, but is it eco-friendly? 

Yes! We worked really hard to formulate an exciting unboxing experience for all of our customers as eco-friendly as it was attractive and secure. Paper goods and packaging are either made from recycled materials or printed on FSC-certified paper certified to the highest standard of responsible forestry. FSC paper certified by Rainforest Alliance is responsibly harvested to benefit communities, wildlife, and the environment. Our glass jars and bottles can be repurposed if you wish or recycled in your yellow bin. The only sacrifice we have made is using Australia post flat rate satchels for some of our deliveries as our customers have indicated that they prefer the cheaper shipping options afforded to them by choosing these satchels. 

I'm looking for a particular crystal that you don't stock. Can you get it for me?  

Whilst we are unable to provide custom ordering for single items at this time, we welcome you to let us know what you are looking for, and we will definitely make a note to have a look for it the next time we are sourcing new stones.  

Can you advise me on which stone might be right for me?  

Yes, we are always more than happy to talk crystals with everyone! If you would like some suggestions for crystals that might work for you, feel free to drop us a line through email or socials. 

Gift card FAQ:

Can I use more than one gift card at checkout:

Yes! you will need to enter the unique codes on each card when you are at the checkout.

Can I swap my gift card for cash?

No. Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash.

Does the gift card expire?

No. Our gift cards do not have an expiry date.

What if I lose my gift card details?

If you lose your gift card details, we can reissue the gift card with the remaining balance and a new unique code. Gift cards should be treated like cash, so if you lose your details, please tell us as soon as possible so that we can deactivate the lost card code. If somebody else uses your balance without your permission before you tell us that it is lost then we cannot reissue the card and the balance will be lost. 

Important: We will need the name and email address of the person who purchased the gift card originally so we can find the card in the system. If you are the recipient of a gift card that was purchased by somebody else, we will reissue the replacement gift card to the original purchaser for them to resend to you. This system is in place to avoid gift card theft or fraud.

How can I check the balance on my gift card:

Please contact us with your gift card details (purchasers name, email and date of purchase) and we will let you know what your balance is.

What if I don't have enough left on my gift card to complete my purchase?

You will be able to enter your gift card code and use the remaining balance and then pay the rest of the order amount with another payment method.

What if I don't spend all of my gift card at once?

That's fine. The balance will be held on your card to use another time.