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Crystal Common came to be when the Universe saw fit to place two kindred spirits together who shared a common love for all things crystals. The two founders of Crystal Common wanted to bring the beauty and joy of crystals to the rest of Australia without the over-inflated prices and misinformation that so often accompanies them. The goal was to educate, not just focus on the metaphysical aspects of the crystals. By incorporating gemmological, geological, and historical information into our website, socials, and blogs, we believe that we make your journey with crystals more meaningful, allowing you to make a consciously informed choice on which crystals will resonate with you. 

Crystals are a gift from the Earth; they belong to everyone. Crystal Common is more than just a shop. It is a community, a kind and compassionate place for everyone to share their love of crystals.

About the founders:


They say that some crystals will come into your life when you need them most and leave you when they have served their purpose. This is undoubtedly true for some crystals I have owned over the years. But the very first little cluster i ever owned has stayed with me my whole life, as did the spark that it ignited within me. From the moment that beautiful piece of amethyst came into my life at 12 years old, I was obsessed with rocks, crystals, and minerals. 

Many, many years later, I came to be employed in the jewellery manufacturing industry. I married a jeweller, and together, we started our own jewellery repair and manufacturing business which is still going strong today. My years in this industry opened me up to gemmological study, crystal, and gemstone suppliers, miners, cutters, and more. We both made jewellery, but my love was always for the stones.

I never stopped collecting, studying, and researching. Eventually, my collection started to overflow into our jewellery retail showroom, and my clients would comment on the beautiful stones. I love how I could always tell another crystal-loving kindred spirit by the way their eyes would light up at some of the pieces on display. Time and time again, they would say, " why don't you sell these?" and well, let's just say, the Universe kept sending the message through my clients, and I eventually opened myself up enough to listen. 

Alongside my 16 years of experience within the jewellery industry, I have completed various studies in gemmology with the IGS ( International Gem Society), GAA (Gemmological Association of Australia) and continue to study to expand on my love and knowledge of crystals even further. I am also a university qualified photographer and am obsessed with macro photography of crystals and gems.


My first crystal found its way to me as a young girl. It was a very small, very unassuming piece of Rose Quartz. I could not explain the attachment I had to this particular stone, and I don't remember the exact circumstance that occurred for this rock to make its way into my life, but I remember the comfort that I received whenever I would hold it in my hand. From then, as I suspect is the case for many crystal collectors, I was hooked.

Since leaving high school, my career path deviated away from crystals and led me into a career as a travel agent, where I spent 20 years. All the while, my love for crystals grew and grew. I researched crystals and collected many on my travels. To protect me as I travelled, my pouch of crystals was a staple in my luggage, and I never went anywhere without them.

Eventually, the travel business ( and the Universe, I'm sure) put me on a collision course with the "chick down the road at the jewellers who knew everything about rocks," and that was that. We became fast friends, and from my love of crystals and hers, Crystal Common was born.

I have studied various crystal and gemmology courses at the IGS (International Gem Society) and the GAA ( Gemmological Association of Australia). I continue with my studies to this day because I believe that we will never stop learning about the wonders of Mother Nature and the gifts she has to bestow upon us.