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Candle Care

How To Get The Most From Your Candles, Safely!

Soy wax tin candle


Every one of our candles is:

  • Hand-poured, by us, in Central Victoria

  • Made using 100% natural soy wax

  • Vegan & cruelty-free

  • Non toxic & phthalate-free

  • Free from palm oil

  • Made using only the highest quality fragrance & essential oils

In saying all of that, there are a few instructions to be followed to ensure that you get the most out of your candle.

BURN TIME Soy wax has a burn memory. To prevent tunnelling, make sure the first burn melts the wax all the way to the edge of the container (usually 2 hours). NEVER burn any candle for more than 3 hours at a time. We recommend that your first burn time be no shorter than 2 hours and no longer than 3 hours. This is enough time to achieve a full melt pool ( all wax melted on the top layer from edge to edge). If you achieve a full melt pool each time you burn, the candle will burn evenly and consistently all the way to the end. Please DO NOT ever leave your candle to burn for more than 3 hours as this is a fire hazard. After burning, the wax may appear pitted or not as smooth as it did when it was new. This is normal for soy wax and does not affect the burn.

TRIM THE WICK to 6mm before every use. This keeps the flame from getting hotter than it should and will prolong the life of the candle. Trim off the little carbon ball that forms at the end of the wick after every use. Do not cut too short or the wick will become engulfed by the wax. It is normal for wicks in soy wax to experience some mushrooming of the tip, but it should not be excessive. We use cotton wicks that are lead free and sustainably produced wood wicks.

Wood wicks burn a little differently to cotton wicks. They like to be cut a little lower, at approximately 5mm for the best burn. Between burns, simply use your fingers to pinch off the blackened wood along the tip of the wood wick to trim it ready the next burn. Wood wicks often don't produce as much light as a cotton wick but they do have a lovely, ambient, crackle when lit.

AVOID DRAUGHTS as this will stop the wax from burning unevenly and prevent excessive smoking. 

STORE in a cool, dry place in an upright position. Some fragrances may discolour slightly over time. This does not affect the burning of the candle. 

REMOVE all crystals or other objects from the candle before burning. This is VERY important as crystals may become damaged by heat, and in some cases, some varieties can release toxic vapours when exposed to flame. All botanicals should be removed to avoid possible combustion. Soy wax is water-soluble; residue can be gently rinsed from crystals. 

WIPE any soot from the rim of the container with a paper towel. This can be a sign that your wick is too long.  

NEVER leave a lit candle unattended and keep away from children or pets. Failure to follow proper candle burning instructions can be dangerous and will result in you not getting as much from your candle as you should. 

ALWAYS use a coaster or some heat insulating object underneath the candles to avoid heat damage to furniture. This is especially important for candle tins. Always check your candle jar for damage before lighting. Small hairline cracks from being knocked around can cause the glass to break when it gets hot. 

The candle is finished when it has roughly a centimetre left in the bottom. The remaining wax can be removed, the jar washed out, and recycled. Our candles undergo a rigorous testing schedule before the formula is approved for sale. This involves hundreds of hours testing the candles in various burn conditions to make sure that they perform safely. Failing to follow proper candle burning procedures can result in damage and is a fire hazard. We hold full candlemakers insurance and abide by a strict set of professional guidelines when we make our candle products.