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The Dreaded Office Return: Crystals To Ease The Transition Back To Onsite Work

Once upon a time, in early 2020, the term "Work From Home" was uttered in hushed mysterious terms in offices all around the country and the world. Hours were spent discussing this uncharted territory, wondering how long this new way of working might last. Weeks? MONTHS?? By the end of 2022, WFH (working from home) was as familiar to us as our favourite pair of trackie pants, which, let's be honest, were probably what most of us were wearing for the better part of 2 years. But as the pandemic reaches, dare we say it, an end, or at the very least, becomes less disruptive, many employers are demanding that we pack away the soft pants, put on our bras' and shoes and get back into the office. BOO! Well, they can't have it all their way. Why not bring some of the good vibes from home into the office with us. Let's explore some of the best crystals to keep in your office and why they're beneficial.


Selenite Crystals | Crystal Common
Selenite – The Protector
Selenite is thought to be a protective crystal that can cleanse your workspace from negative energy. This crystal is especially helpful if you are easily distracted by co-workers’ chatter or other office noise. Placing Selenite in your workspace can also help you focus on your tasks and complete them more efficiently. It’s great for staying organized and keeping paperwork clear and neat!


Clear Quartz Cluster | Crystal Common
Clear Quartz – The Amplifier
Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer.” It amplifies any intention you set for it, whether it be a desire to stay focused on a task or remain positive during stressful times at work. It also helps cleanse your environment from outside energies, allowing you to stay centered and calm while still getting things done. Clear Quartz is an essential crystal for anyone who wants clarity and awareness while working in an office setting.


Citrine Points | Crystal Common

Citrine –  The Moneymaker 
Citrine is often called the “moneymaker" because it is believed to attract abundance and financial success into one's life. Place this crystal near your desk or even inside your wallet/purse, so that you can take advantage of its wealth-generating powers! The energizing nature of Citrine will make sure that you stay motivated throughout the day, so don’t forget this one when packing up for work in the morning!


Fluorite Crystal | Crystal Common

Fluorite – The Genius
First and foremost, fluorite is known as the “genius stone.” It helps to sharpen mental focus while also boosting memory recall. So if you’re going through a particularly busy season at work or school, don't hesitate to grab yourself some fluorite crystals! They can help clear away mental fog and make room for new ideas and information. Additionally, fluorite stones are great for dispelling negative feelings like stress or anxiety. They absorb negative energy and replace it with positive vibes that will fill your heart with peace and joy!  

These are just some examples of how crystals can bring balance back into our lives—especially when we’re stuck at our desks all day long! Crystals have a lot to offer us in terms of creating better lives both inside and outside the office walls! Don't forget to pick up some healing stones before heading off to work each day - At the very least, they will give you something pretty to look at while you sit through another meeting that probably should have been an email.

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