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Five Crystals To Protect You While You Travel

I want you to sit down and allow me to take you back in time with a fantastic tale of excitement and adventure. Settle in now and allow your mind to open to the unbelievable story that is about to unfold. The year was 2019, and people used to be able to go wherever the hell they wanted, whenever the hell they wanted to. Yes, that’s right, you heard me. We used to…(pause for dramatic effect)…TRAVEL! Freely and without restriction.

Cue the gasps, the shock and awe. I know, i know, it sounds so implausible. So impossible. But we did, and I hope my friends that one day soon, we will again.

All jokes aside, remember travel? Remember waiting for hours in airports for delayed flights, waiting for hours to get through customs or security. Remember terrible airplane food and cramming yourself into the ever shrinking economy class seats. I remember. And even though in 2019, I distinctly remember bitching my way across the ocean for 16 agonising hours, when they finally allow me to do it again, i might just cry. Except this time it will be tears of joy and not tears of pain because I can’t move my knees.

I just miss travel so damn much. When they finally let us out again, I’m going to have my bag packed quicker than you can say “how about a free upgrade to premium economy?” (Yeah right!) Whether it’s jetting off overseas or keeping your adventures on Aussie soil, If you are anything like me and can’t wait to get back to exploring, here are my top picks for crystals that every traveller should have in their carry-on:

1: Smoky quartz

Known as the master protector, smoky quartz is well known for its strong protective qualities when it comes to warding off negative energy. Nobody wants to be dragged down by other peoples negativity while travelling and if you’ve ever travelled as a part of a tour group, you know what I’m talking about. There’s always one (or a few) who complain about every little thing and drag the drama with them wherever they go. Resist the urge to brain them with your smoky quartz and instead let your smoky do its best work in keeping them and their energy as far away from you as possible. Smoky quartz is said to be particularly useful to protect people travelling by road. mine went with me to China and boy, I’m glad it did. The traffic over there is next level!

2: Aquamarine

Aquamarine has a long history as a protective stone for sailors and fisherman who believed that this stone of the mermaids protected them from bad weather whilst on the water and prevented drowning. Today, aquamarine is still a great stone for this travelling on the water like in a cruise ship situation. Be warned though, while it might help protect you from rough seas, it won’t protect you from a dodgy cruise ship buffet. Cruise ship tummy bugs are NO joke!

3: Moonstone

rough rainbow moonstone feldspar

moonstone is a bit of a travel all rounder. It is known as the stone of new beginnings and sometimes even the travellers stone. It is said to be good for road, air and water travel and is known to attract good luck, which is something that can come in very handy when travelling. Vegas anyone?

4: Garnet

rough red garnet stones

Garnet has historically been used as a talisman for safe travel where loved ones would gift the traveller with a garnet before their departure. It was said that a garnet given before travelling would ensure a safe return home at the end of the journey. We spend so much time planning our trip and protecting ourselves while we are away, lets not forget the most important part. returning home to our loved ones in one piece, safe and sound.

5: Black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Rough

You just knew i would fit a tourmaline in there somewhere, right? Well, in this case it is a well deserved mention. I do have a habit of banging on and on about how great tourmaline is, especially black tourmaline due to its strong protective energy. You may even recall me mentioning its ability to not just protect from negative energy but to repel those who come at you with negative intent. This is especially helpful while travelling abroad in a new country. Pick pockets be gone, I say!

What is the best way to carry travel crystals you ask? There is no right or wrong way. You can carry them in a little pouch in your carry on or handbag ( the satin crystal common pouches are ideal, wink, wink). You might choose to wear your crystals in a piece of jewellery. Keep them in your pocket. Place them under your pillow at night or hide them in your bra (guilty!) It doesn’t matter how or where you carry them. Just be sure to cleanse them before you leave, charge them with your intention for safe travel and then get on that plane/ship/train/car and travel safe!

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