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Crystal Decorating & Feng Shui

Feng Shui Your Home with Crystals
Crystal therapy has been around for centuries, but it's becoming increasingly popular in modern times. People have begun to use crystals to amplify the energy in their home and clear negative energy. Combining crystal therapy with feng shui is a great way to create a more balanced and harmonious atmosphere in your space. Let’s take a look at how you can use crystals and feng shui to enhance your home.

Crystal arrangement on windowsill | Crystal Common
The Basics of Feng Shui
Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice focused on creating harmony between the environment and its inhabitants. It involves balancing the elements of nature (fire, water, wood, earth and metal) to bring balance into your life. You can apply these principles by placing certain items or pieces of furniture around your house, or by using colors or textures that evoke certain feelings. When combined with crystal therapy, feng shui is even more powerful because it helps amplify the energy of the crystals as well as the energy of the home overall.

Feng Shui Bagua Map | Crystal Common
Using Crystals For Feng Shui
When it comes to using crystals for feng shui there are no hard-and-fast rules—it’s all about personal preference and intuition. However, there are some general guidelines you can follow when selecting crystals for your home:

-Choose crystals that coincide with your intention or goal (e.g., if you want to attract love then choose rose quartz)

-Think about where you want to place each crystal before making a purchase (e.g., if you want protection in the front entrance then choose black tourmaline) -Select stones based on their energetic properties (e.g., citrine for abundance or amethyst for calming).

-Be mindful of how many crystals you have in each room; too many can overwhelm or clash too much with one another. Once you have selected your crystals, it’s time to place them around your home! The best way to do this is by focusing on the Bagua Map, which divides up different areas of life into nine sections within a living space (wealth/abundance, fame/reputation, family/community etc.).

Place one crystal within each section that corresponds with what you would like to manifest in that area of life (e.g., rose quartz for romance). Alternatively, if there’s an area of life where things just aren’t quite going as planned right now then try placing smoky quartz as this stone is known for dissipating negative energies from any given space!

Feng Shui Map | Crystal Common

In conclusion, using crystal therapy along with feng shui principles is a great way to create harmony in any living space—both physically and energetically! Consider experimenting with different combinations of stones depending on what kind of atmosphere you would like to cultivate in each room; remember that choosing stones based on their energetic properties can be especially helpful here! With just a few simple steps – selecting stones according to intention/goal, placing them strategically around your home via Bagua Map and being mindful not to overwhelm yourself – you will soon find yourself living amongst a beautiful blend of positive energies! Good luck!

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