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A Guide To The Traditional Birthstones

Birthstones for Every Month, and their Meanings!
Birthstones have always been associated with good luck and protection. Have you ever wondered what’s the story behind those birthstones? With this guide, you’ll discover why certain stones are associated with each month, as well as their beautiful meanings. Let’s explore!

January Birthstone Garnet | Crystal Common
January – Garnet
Garnets are believed to bring peace and harmony to people born in January. The stone is also said to have healing properties that can help reduce the pain caused by illnesses or inflammations. The deep red colour of the garnet is also symbolic of love, making it an ideal gift for those born in January.

February Birthstone Amethyst | Crystal Common
February – Amethyst
In ancient times, amethysts were thought to ward off drunkenness and keep its wearer sober. People born in February are believed to be held together by divine love when they wear an amethyst necklace or ring. In addition, the beautiful purple hue of the amethyst is known to represent peace of mind and clarity of thought.

March Birthstone Aquamarine | Crystal Common
March – Aquamarine
This gemstone was named after the Latin phrase “water of the sea” because of its ocean-like colouration. Aquamarines have long been associated with courage and protection from harm for those born in March. In addition, some believe that wearing aquamarine jewellery can help bring about clear communication between two parties in a relationship.


April Birthstone Diamond | Crystal Common
April – Diamond
For April babies, diamonds signify eternal love and commitment—making them a popular choice for engagement rings! It is said that diamonds can also bring inner strength and clarity while increasing one’s mental abilities when worn as jewellery or placed around the home. It is not uncommon to see clear quartz or even man made cubic zirconia substituted for diamonds when it comes to April birthstones due to the price of genuine diamonds.


May Birthstone Emerald | Crystal Common

May – Emerald
The emerald has long been linked to fertility and growth due to its lush green hue. It is believed that emeralds can help May babies feel more secure about taking risks in life since it's said to bring about positive energy into their lives. Additionally, emeralds are known for bringing tranquility into relationships between couples due to their calming properties.


June Birthstone Pearl | Crystal Common

June – Pearl
Pearls are often considered gifts from the sea because they come from oysters which live underwater! They symbolize purity, innocence, loyalty and truth—all qualities attributed to June babies who possess strong moral character traits such as honesty and kindness throughout their lives.. Furthermore, pearls are said to heal emotional issues such as fear or anxiety while providing an overall sense of calmness within oneself when worn as jewellery or placed around the home. Moonstone is another alternative for June should Pearl be not to the June babies liking. 


July Birthstone Ruby | Crystal Common

July – Ruby
Rubies have long been seen as symbols of passion due to their vibrant red colouration—making them ideal gifts for July babies who tend to be strong-willed individuals that embody ambition and courage in everything they do! It's also said that rubies provide healing powers when it comes to restoring physical ailments such as fever or exhaustion.


August Birthstone Peridot | Crystal Common

August - Peridot
Peridots are known for being bright green gems which sparkle vibrantly under light—making them perfect gifts for August babies who share similar qualities such as being lively personalities who enjoy exploring new things!. These gems are also believed to provide protection against negative energies while promoting personal growth through enhanced self-awareness when worn on a necklace or bracelet.


September Birthstone Sapphire | Crystal Common

September - Sapphire
Sapphires represent wisdom, serenity and loyalty which makes them great gifts for September babies who value these qualities!. Wearing sapphire jewellery is said to promote clear thinking while providing spiritual guidance during times of need.


October Birthstone Opal | Crystal Common

October - Opal
Opals symbolize hope since these luminous gems contain all the colors of the rainbow — making them special gifts for October babies who often strive towards achieving their dreams!. These stones also promote creativity while providing emotional stability during difficult situations when worn on a necklace or ring. In modern times, Tourmaline is sometimes used as an alternative to Opal for October birthdays.


November Birthstone Topaz | Crystal Common

November - Topaz
Topaz gemstones represent success since they're known for radiating warmth like a sunbeam — making them great birthday presents for November babes!. Topazes are often used in spiritual healing practices due to its ability to strengthen one's connection with higher realms through increased intuition when placed around your home or carried on your person. Given the rarity and high prices associated with yellow topaz, Citrine is the alternative and more commonly seen option for this months birthstone. 


December Birthstone Turquoise | Crystal Common

December - Turquoise
Turquoises carry powerful protective energies which make them ideal gifts December babes since this stone keeps away negative energies while attracting positive vibes into one's life!. Wearing turquoise jewellery is said to balance emotions while enhancing creativity through improved focus & clarity. Due to the increasing rarity of genuine turquoise, blue Zircon and Tanzanite are now marketed as alternative stones for December.


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